Reservation conditions

Villa Klubiranta Ltd reservation conditions

These conditions apply to the accommodation services of Villa Klubiranta Ltd. The reservation conditions apply to accommodation reservations made by individual persons at the property of the boutique hotel Villa Klubiranta Ltd, as well as their cancellations. These Reservation Terms and Conditions bind both the buyer and the seller from the moment the customer has made the accommodation reservation.

The customer receives the Reservation Terms and Conditions for group bookings separately from Villa Klubiranta Ltd’s sales service when making a group booking. A group booking is the case when the customer has booked more than four rooms.

1. Booking, prices and payment

The prices of the hotel rooms offered by Villa Klubiranta Ltd may vary depending on the season and demand. As part of limited offer campaigns, Villa Klubiranta Ltd can offer accommodation and additional services at different offer prices. The current prices and offers can be seen on Villa Klubiranta’s website at The prices indicated on the website include VAT.

The reservation is binding from the moment of booking, regardless of the booking method. Villa Klubiranta Oy has the right to debit and pre-verify credit card holders in connection with the reservation. The booker must be of legal age at the time of booking. A minor may stay at the hotel provided when at least one adult person stays in the same room.

After the reservation has been confirmed, the accommodation provider has no right to increase and, correspondingly, no obligation to decrease the agreed accommodation price or otherwise change the conditions of the reservation, unless such a change is immediately due to a change in legislation or mandatory regulations of the authorities. However, the confirmed price cannot be increased in that case. For reservations made through external sales channels, the reservation conditions of the external sales channel primarily apply where applicable.

2. Payment intermediary

Visma Pay (Visma Payments Ltd, company ID number 2486559-4) acts as the payment intermediary for the online store, which is registered in the register of payment institutions maintained by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Payment is made via Visma Pay’s online service, and Visma Pay or Visma Payments Ltd is shown as the payee on the account statement and invoice. Visma Pay forwards the payments to the online retailer. Payment is safe, because all information about the payment transaction is transmitted using an encrypted connection so that no outside party can see the payment transaction information.

The transaction is created between the customer of the online store and the online store. The online store is responsible for all obligations related to the store.

Read more about Visma Pay:

3. Payment methods

Via the Visma Pay service, you can pay with online banking credentials, wallet, payment cards (credit/debit), invoice or installment payment. The following payment methods are available: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Säästöpankki, Aktia, Paikallisosuuuspankki, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, MobilePay, Masterpass, Pivo, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard cards, as well as Jousto, Fellow Invoice and Fellow Business Invoice.

MobilePay: You can pay with your MobilePay wallet if you have enabled payment in online stores in the application’s settings. Payments made with the MobilePay wallet are charged from the payment card attached to the wallet. If charging the payment from the payment card fails, paying with the MobilePay wallet is not possible in the online store.

Pivo: Terms of use are available on Pivo’s website:

Flexible invoice and Partial payment is a domestic service that allows you to make your purchases quickly and safely. Jousto is intended for individuals who have handled their financial affairs flawlessly. With Jousto, you get 30 days of interest-free and cost-free payment time. After receiving the invoice, you can decide whether to pay it in full or in parts. With installment payment, you can pay for your purchases in up to 36 installments, starting at 9.90 eur/month. The costs of the flexible installment are 3.90 eur/month and a credit interest of 19.90%. You can pay for purchases of 30–3,000 euros with Jousto. The credit provider is Aurajoki Nordic Ltd. Read more about Jousto at

OP Invoice – A flexible way to pay for online purchases. For customers of all banks. With OP Invoice, you can make purchases of up to 5,000 euros and pay them off interest-free within 45 days. If you wish, you can split the invoice into several installments. Your purchases are shown in one place, so you can easily stay up-to-date on the use of money. With the help of a credit limit, you keep your consumption within the limits you want. You can conveniently receive invoices in your e-mail. In our online service, you can see information about your use of OP Invoice and the amount of your purchases. You can use OP Invoice if you are over 20 years old with the ability to pay, and you have the domain names of a Finnish bank. You can find more information about the OP Invoice at:

3. Visma Pay payment service contact information

Visma Payments Ltd (company ID-number 2486559-4)

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +358 9 315 42 037 (Monday – Friday 8-16)

Mailing address: Brahenkatu 4, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland

4. Use and rental of the room

The room is available to guests from 15:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 on the day of departure. The persons staying in the room are not allowed to let outside persons into the hotel premises. Keys or door codes entitling entry to the hotel and/or rooms may not be given to anyone other than the persons who have been notified to stay in the room. The maximum number of people staying in a room is the fixed bed capacity of the room, i.e. 1 person in a single room and 2 people in a double room. Exceptions are pre-booked extra beds and families where the child is under six years old and staying in the same room as their parents.

If the guest does not hand over the room by 12:00 on the day of departure and a later handover has not been agreed upon, Villa Klubiranta has the right to charge the guest after 12:00 €50 for each starting hour until the customer has properly handed over the room.

Villa Klubiranta Ltd is not responsible for items left in the rooms or in the hotel’s public areas.

5. Cleaning of the room

In shorter bookings, the room will be cleaned at the end of the booking, and during stays of several days, the room will be cleaned upon request or by agreement in advance. Villa Klubiranta’s staff has the right to visit the hotel room during the stay if necessary, for example due to necessary maintenance work or another similar reason.

6. Cancellation of reservation

The customer can cancel his reservation within the cancellation conditions according to the reservation channel used and the reserved price. If the reservation was made through Villa Klubiranta’s website, the cancellation must be done by sending an email to [email protected]. The cancellation email must state the length of stay and the reservation number. If the reservation was made with an invoice, a possible new invoice or refund invoice for changes or cancellations will be sent to the contact person indicated in the reservation. The customer has the right to change or cancel his reservation free of charge no later than 7 days before the start time of the reservation. The customer will receive a refund in the form of a bank transfer or a refund to a credit card. Reservations can no longer be changed or canceled later than 7 days before the arrival time. In the case of billable reservations, failure to pay the advance payment is not a valid cancellation, but the cancellation must be notified to Villa Klubiranta separately within the cancellation conditions.

Separate booking conditions apply to groups and changes/cancellations must be made through the sales service.

7. Notice of defect

The guest must immediately notify the staff of Villa Klubiranta of any fault or defect he/she has noticed regarding the accommodation or service, so that the defect or fault can be corrected or compensated during the stay, if possible. If the customer has not been in contact with Villa Klubiranta’s staff during his visit, he loses the right to possible refunds. If a satisfactory solution cannot be offered to the service or matter to be pointed out during the stay, the customer can send a written remark to Villa Klubiranta within one week of the end of the visit to the address [email protected].

8. Rules of order

We want to offer all our guests a comfortable and safe accommodation experience. To ensure common comfort and safety, Villa Klubiranta observes the following rules of order:

  • The guest must follow good manners and behave appropriately in the hotel premises. The guests must not disturb other residents of the hotel or those living in the vicinity of the hotel with their behavior, for example by making noise, damaging property or disturbing in other ways. The guest is also responsible for the activities of the outside person they let into the hotel.
  • Property in the hotel rooms and in the hotel’s public areas may not be damaged. Property in hotel rooms may not be taken out of the room.
  • It is forbidden to bring dangerous or harmful objects or substances into the hotel premises.
  • Every guest has the right to peaceful accommodation. Especially after 10 p.m., the guest must avoid loud talking, listening to music or other noise that may disturb other guests.
  • Smoking and open fires (including burning candles, incense, etc.) in the rooms and other areas of the hotel are strictly prohibited and may trigger an automatic fire alarm. The person who acted in violation of the ban is responsible for the resulting alarm, maintenance and cleaning costs. The ventilation fee for smoking indoors is €200.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the separate smoking area designated by Villa Klubiranta at the front of the property or in its immediate vicinity. Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Bringing pets to the hotel premises without notice is prohibited. The guest who brought animals to the hotel premises is obliged to compensate all maintenance, administration and cleaning costs caused by activities contrary to the ban. Villa Klubiranta has one pet room, Wilderness, where pets are allowed for a pet fee of 10 euros/pet/stay.
  • It is forbidden to let unauthorized persons into the hotel premises. The exterior doors of the hotel and the doors of the hotel rooms must be kept locked to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the hotel premises.
  • The guest must make sure that the front door of the hotel is locked after he leaves the door.
  • The keys given to the guest must be kept carefully, and they must not be given to anyone other than the persons who have been notified to stay in the room.
  • For the sake of public safety and the protection of the property of the guests, the guests are not allowed to store any items in the hotel’s public areas (such as the lobby, corridors, etc.).
  • If necessary, the guest has the opportunity to contact Villa Klubiranta’s staff in the event of a disturbance. The contact information can be found in the accommodation folder in each accommodation room.

9. Customer responsibility

The person staying in the room is fully responsible for all damages and costs caused to the hotel (including, without limitation, common areas and rooms with furniture and equipment), other customers or third parties, or their property due to the negligent or intentional conduct of the customer, the guest or any other person they let into the hotel’s premises, or which are the result of activities contrary to these terms and conditions. If the identity of the person staying in the room causing the damage or costs cannot be found out, or the damage or costs cannot be recovered from him, the damage and costs will be invoiced to the customer.

10. Force majeure

Villa Klubiranta Ltd is not responsible for any damage, delay or non-fulfilment of the contract caused by a circumstance or obstacle beyond the control of Villa Klubiranta Ltd, which Villa Klubiranta cannot reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of booking the accommodation or after, and the consequences of which would not be nor could reasonably have avoided or overcome (force majeure). Force majeure is considered to be, for example, fire, water damage, war, state of emergency, natural disasters, or a ban or order issued by an authority, due to which the hotel is completely or partially out of use. In case of force majeure affecting the room reserved by the customer or affecting its use, Villa Klubiranta Ltd has the right to cancel the reservation made by the customer either before the start of the accommodation (if the force majeure occurs before this time) or during it (if the force majeure occurs during the stay). Villa Klubiranta informs the customer of a cancellation due to force majeure without delay after receiving information about it. If Villa Klubiranta cancels the customer’s reservation due to force majeure, Villa Klubiranta’s liability is limited to refunding the payments already paid by the customer. In these cases, Villa Klubiranta Ltd has no obligation to obtain replacement accommodation for the customer, nor to compensate the customer for any other costs, expenses or damages resulting from the cancellation and/or an event that is the basis of force majeure (such as additional costs incurred by the customer from procuring replacement accommodation, travel expenses or damage to the property in the customer’s room ), except to the extent and only to the extent that said expenses, costs or damages are possibly compensable based on Villa Klubiranta Ltd’s insurance policies at the time of the event.

11. Villa Klubiranta Ltd's right of termination

If the room reservation continues after the due date of the invoice and if the separately invoiced reservation fee or other fees charged by Villa Klubiranta Ltd have not been paid by the due date of the invoice at the latest, Villa Klubiranta Ltd has the right to terminate the contract immediately. A notice of cancellation will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided when making the reservation. If the customer, a person who is part of the same accommodation reservation announced in connection with the accommodation reservation, or another person allowed by them into the hotel’s premises violates the reservation conditions or rules of order in a material way, Villa Klubiranta Ltd has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect. Among other things, the following are considered to be a material violation:

(i) handing over the key to a person other than the person who belongs to the same accommodation reservation indicated at the time of the accommodation reservation;

(ii) accommodation in the room of a person other than the one indicated at the time of the accommodation reservation belonging to the same accommodation reservation;

(iii) repeated behavior that disturbs the residents of the hotel or those living in the vicinity of the hotel;

(iv) damage to the hotel room, the common areas of the hotel and the property located in them. A notice of cancellation will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided when making the reservation.

If the customer or a person who belongs to the same accommodation reservation announced in connection with the accommodation reservation has, in connection with previous accommodations, violated these booking conditions or the hotel’s rules of procedure in a material way, Villa Klubiranta Ltd reserves the right, at its discretion, not to accept the customer’s new reservations or to cancel the new reservations made by such a customer before they start. If Villa Klubiranta Ltd cancels the customer’s new reservations on the above-mentioned basis, Villa Klubiranta Ltd’s liability is limited to refunding the fees paid by the customer in advance. The customer is not entitled to a refund of the payments made or to any other compensation when Villa Klubiranta Ltd terminates the contract in accordance with the above.

Villa Klubiranta Ltd reservation conditions