fall in love with the finnish Sauna experience

In the evening, the gentle baths of Klubiranta shake off the rush of the day and relax the mind and body.

Lakeland Finland has the honour of calling itself the sauna province of the world and offering sauna experiences is a matter of honor also for us here in Villa Klubiranta.

At Villa Klubiranta, the room price includes a relaxing evening sauna in the sauna rooms Summer Night and Polar Night located on the basement floor. So, if you wish, you can book a room-specific one-hour sauna shift if you feel like shaking off the day’s rush before a good night’s sleep. You can inquire about available sauna shifts in advance or upon arrival. We don’t keep the sauna warm just to be sure, but we heat it as needed. In this way, we can do our part to influence energy consumption and the environmental impact of our operations.

On open water season, you can also take a swim in the pure and clear water Lake Evajärvi, which has a natural sand base. You can get to our private beach and the pier on it by walking across the backyard.

Enjoy the Finnish sauna experience!