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SUP board rental, Villa Klubiranta

What could be a more relaxed and comfortable way to enjoy a sunny summer day and get to know the area’s amazingly beautiful lake scenery than to rent your own SUP board. SUP boarding makes it possible to move on the water while taking environmental values and natural peace into account. Villa Klubiranta has four stable Helle brand SUP boards for rent, and the rental price includes, in addition to the board and paddle, an escape strap, a life jacket and a dry bag for a camera or phone. Our rental price is €10/hour/board.

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Hallinportti Aviation Museum, Halli

The Hallinportti Aviation Museum, located opposite Villa Klubiranta, is a special aeronautical museum under the Military Museum, which presents the history of aviation in a variety of ways. Here you will find miniatures, rare airplanes and a library archive – Come visit and immerse yourself in the history of aviation! We recommend booking a guided tour with your visit so that you can hear the interesting stories and incidents behind the objects.

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The old bureau of Karhumäki brothers, Halli

About 40,000 aerial photos from Hanko to Petsamo, already since 1929 – Come and marvel at the historical aerial photography exhibition!
The Old Bureau of Karhumäki Brothers has a historical aerial photography exhibition of Veljekset Karhumäki Ltd on display, which presents photographs from all over Finland since the 1930s. There are unique works in the collection, including works from the ceded Karelia as well as the current bustling cities that were just coming back to life at the time of filming.
The building’s versatile exhibition consists of the history of the aircraft industry, the Karhumäki brothers, aerial photography and charter tourism, as well as the development of Halli village.

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Kuorevesi church, Kavala village

Kuorevesi Church is located on a scenic promontory by Lake Kuorevesi, about 12 km from the center of Halli. The church is one of Finland’s three sacrificial churches and was completed in 1779. The builder was the famous church builder Matti Pärnä (later Åkerblom). There are three bells on the bell tower of the church. The second largest of them was donated by Queen Kristiina of Sweden in 1648 and is the oldest historical object in Kuorevesi. After the bell was damaged, it was cast again in 1658. The bell was depicted in the coat of arms of Kuorevesi surrounded by six sacrificial coins.

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Kuorevesi Home Region Museum, Joensuu village

The Home Region Museum is located about 15 minutes by car along the road to Mänttä. The rich and diverse collections of this charming museum focus on the traditional peasant culture of the 19th and early 20th centuries. There are more than 3,300 items listed, each of which has a donor and many also have a small story attached to them. All open buildings are furnished and decorated to suit the spirit and theme of the time. On the upper floor of the main building, there are also extensive collections of objects, including e.g. plenty of artefacts from the time of war and famine, as well as the ”Chamber of Crete”. 

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Summer theaters

In the surrounding areas, you can find versatile and high-quality summer theater for many tastes, and some theater groups offer entertainment all year round. So why not include a touch of culture in your visit with an entertaining play and tasty snacks?

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Serlachius Museums Gustaf and Gösta, Mänttä-Vilppula

The Serlachius museums in Mänttä, less than half an hour’s drive from Villa Klubiranta, offer a meeting place for art and stories and for friends who appreciate their high quality. There are two Serlachius museums: the Gösta art museum and the Gustaf museum, which tells about art and history. These wonderful museum sites are definitely worth a visit.

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Mänttä Art Weeks, Mänttä-Vilppula

Mäntä Art Weeks is Finland’s largest summer exhibition of contemporary art. The curator, who changes every year, always picks his own selection from the rich field of domestic contemporary art. Mänttä Art Weeks, awarded with the Suomi Award, is a destination appreciated by professionals and popular with the general public. You can find our permanent showroom in Pekilo in the center of Mänttä.

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Himos Areena, Jämsä

Events, experiences, encounters. Live music and happy people. Himos Areena takes place all year round and here you can enjoy Finland’s number one artists.

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Ski Resort Himos, Jämsä

The largest, most versatile and most snow-sure slopes in southern and central Finland are only half an hour’s drive away. Spend an active day on the slopes of Himos and relax and enjoy the rest of the time in the unique atmosphere of Villa Klubiranta.

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Himosgolf, Himos, Jämsä

The fairways of Himos Golf run through varied terrain, in a fine central Finnish forest landscape, only half an hour’s drive from Villa Klubiranta. The spacious field has comfortable height differences and the construction has respected the natural values of the area.

The aim was to keep the course easy enough to primarily serve holiday golfers. Those looking for a challenge should go to the water range, which is a specialty of Himos. There you can try if you can make the ball stay on the island green.

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Isojärvi National Park, Kuhmoinen

The terrain of the 22 square kilometer Isojärvi National Park, located half an hour’s drive away, is steep with high hills and deep gorge valleys. These landforms were created about 200 million years ago when the earth’s crust was torn apart. The last ice age moved boulders and smoothed the cliffs. The most prominent animal in the area is the Canadian beaver, which is also the symbol of the national park. In their wake, there are large areas of forest killed by floods in the park, which increase the diversity of nature in the form of rotten wood. Other animals include birds and decomposing insects.

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Vehkala Jeans Dealer, Jämsä

Jeans shop Vehkala’s operations started already in 1938 in Mottilantie in Jämsä. From the beginning, Vehkala has operated in the same distinctive building, where you can still find them today. Currently, there is already a third generation of entrepreneurs. Vehkala is much more than a clothing store. It is an experience that can only be experienced by visiting this store with a long history, a comprehensive clothing selection and especially excellent customer service.

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Sauna village, Juokslahti, Jämsä

Located in the coastal scenery of Lake Päijänne, in Juokslahti, Sauna village is a journey into the centuries-old history of the Finnish sauna and an authentic sauna experience. In Sauna village, located about half an hour’s drive from Villa Klubiranta, visitors can get to know the world’s largest collection of Finnish smoke saunas. You can get to know how Moskuvaara’s sauna looks like or what it feels like to take a sauna in the multipurpose Virpiö smoke sauna and how many people can fit in the smoke sauna built by Klaus Kerttula in 1909. The sauna village has more than 20 historical smoke saunas, the oldest of which date from the 18th century. The youngest smoke saunas represent the smoke sauna construction of the 1940s. The oldest smoke saunas tell their own story about the history of the Finnish sauna and the tradition of sauna construction in different regions.

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Escape rooms, Himos, Jämsä

Challenge yourself and your group to solve tricky tasks and fight against time. You have 60 minutes to escape the room using your creativity and problem solving skills. Cooperation is the key to escape! The escape room is designed for 2-10 players.

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Juupajoki Gorge, Juupajoki

The Juupajoki gorge is a nature reserve of about 30 hectares in size. It is a natural gorge valley shaped by the ice age, up to 30 meters deep, with a river flowing at the bottom. There are three nature trails in the area, along which you can get to know the unique nature of the gorge.
The gorge is Juupajoki’s most famous natural attraction for a good reason. Stepping down the stairs leading from the parking lot into the gorge valley, it feels like stepping into another world. The noise of the rest of the world is left behind and silence opens up in its place, broken only by the sound of the river and birdsong. The gorge’s fresh microclimate, lush grove vegetation and mystical atmosphere awaken the wanderer’s senses and imagination. Goblins, elves and other mythical creatures are rumored to live in the area.

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The old Wallenius Factory, Korkeakoski

Located in Juupajoki, the former Korkeakoski shoe factory, founded at the end of the 19th century, today serves, among others, as a venue for changing art exhibitions and the atmospheric Singer cafe also operates there. The charming factory community is one of the nationally significant cultural environments. The red brick castle-like building stands tall by the rapids and is a very nice place to visit. You can drive to Juupajoki from Halli in about half an hour.

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